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Commercial Refrigeration Services in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Get prompt commercial refrigeration services in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area with Homeplace Furnace to ensure optimal cooling at your large supermarket, local convenience store, small shop or restaurant. From open coolers to walk-in coolers, our Minneapolis-St. Paul commercial refrigeration experts can assist with any size commercial cooler.


Homeplace Furnace is a dependable partner for business owners who require unmatched services for their commercial refrigeration services in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Our highly trained and dedicated technicians navigate the intricacies of installation, maintenance, and repair with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to providing every customer with impeccable quality. With a thorough understanding of the unique demands presented by the businesses that enrich our community, we leverage our considerable expertise to ensure your refrigeration systems operate seamlessly and efficiently, day in and day out.

Our emergency services team understands that a malfunctioning refrigeration system can bring a thriving business to a sudden halt, jeopardizing perishables and profits alike. You can’t afford downtime, which is why we guarantee rapid, responsive service to get your refrigeration units back online swiftly, minimize business disruption, and prevent potential product spoilage as much as possible. The specialists at Homeplace Furnace approach every emergency with a solution-oriented mindset. Being the premier company in Minneapolis-st. Paul for commercial refrigeration services, we’re familiar with the territory and, once we’re onsite, we’ll provide you with a precise, effective remedy to restore optimal function to your systems while striving to get it done with minimal intrusion into your business operations.

Choosing Homeplace Furnace means investing in a team that continuously demonstrates an unwavering dedication to customer service and technical mastery. Our technicians undergo continual training to maintain an updated knowledge of industry advancements so that we can make good on our promise to provide you with more than just satisfactory service. We want to be the company that sets the standard for exemplary commercial refrigeration and walk-in cooler services in Minneapolis-St. Paul. We have a proven track record throughout the 11 counties comprising the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Our expertise is reflected in our consistent ability to deliver reliable, superior refrigeration services that support the smooth operation of your business every single day. With Homeplace Furnace, your commercial refrigeration systems are in skilled, trustworthy hands, allowing you to focus on what you do best: running your business effectively.

Homeplace Furnace provides:

  • Professional installation and servicing of commercial freezer and refrigeration equipment

  • Installation and servicing of commercial and industrial walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers

  • Complete quarterly preventative maintenance service checks of industrial cooling and heating equipment

  • Quality HVAC services and consultations for your industrial cooling and commercial refrigeration equipment, systems, and components

Learn about the benefits of commercial refrigeration services from our Minneapolis-St. Paul experts with
Homeplace Furnace Duct and Fireplace Cleaning, Inc.

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