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Minneapolis-St. Paul Commercial Furnace Repair and Maintenance

Quality service without compromise


The last thing you want to happen during the frigid winter months is a commercial building with no heat. You will be uncomfortable, your employees will be irritable, and your clients will want to be somewhere else. Trying to conduct business in an area like ours, with an average winter temperature somewhere around 10°F, and the furnace or boiler goes out—you might be better off just going home for a day or two.

But with the expert services of Homeplace Furnace, you don’t have to lose your stride. We’re the premier commercial HVAC company in Minneapolis-St. Paul, and our commercial furnace repair and maintenance experts will have your heating system back in the heat of the moment in no time. Even if your old building in St. Paul has a boiler, we can keep you operating.

Furnace on the Fritz
There’s every chance you’re not an expert in HVAC systems or furnace repairs. So, besides shivering at your desk, how can you tell if your furnace requires attention? There are a few easy-to-recognize warning signs:

  • Cold Air CirculationWhen it’s operating properly, your furnace should produce warm air. If cold air hisses from the vents, there are potential issues with components like the motor or heat exchanger. Our expert technicians can identify and resolve either issue.

  • Uncommon Noises: While it's normal for furnaces to make some operational sounds, unfamiliar noises such as squealing, scraping, or rattling are cause for concern. Such sounds can imply a loose component or a more critical malfunction that needs fixing.

  • Yellow Pilot Light: A properly functioning gas furnace should exhibit a blue pilot light. A yellow pilot light on a gas furnace can signal a carbon monoxide leak. In such cases, turn off your furnace immediately, seek our professional assistance, and vacate your premises until we repair it and deem it safe to reenter your commercial space.

Boiler on the Fritz

Some of the indicators for a failing furnace are also true for boilers. An aging boiler will lose its efficiency, which you’ll see with the increase in your heating bill. Like with a scary-sounding furnace, you’ll hear unusual banging, hissing, or booming. Boilers usually run silently. You might see water around the base of the boiler, indicating a leak or a crack. And again, just like a furnace, the pilot light on the boiler should be blue. If it’s yellow, you’ve got a problem.

And even if you’re not experiencing an immediate issue, you can avoid future downtime with our commercial furnace maintenance services in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Proactive measures will always save you money down the road.

Furnace Flames

Our Comprehensive Furnace and Boiler Tune-Ups Include:

  • Inspect for leaks on the heat exchanger or gas leaks

  • Check the furnace or boiler

  • Check pilots, burners and the thermocouple

  • Check fans, belts, blower wheels, motors and lube

  • Replace furnace filters 

  • Check heat anticipators and combustion chamber

  • Check humidifier

  • Check all electrical connections and secure all panels

Stay warm with commercial furnace repair and maintenance services from our Minneapolis-St. Paul technicians.

When your commercial building needs heating services, you'll find the Homeplace Furnace team to be experienced, hard-working, and dedicated HVAC contractors.  We provide the needed skills to do top-notch work and exceptional service.  Our technicians for commercial furnace repairs and maintenance in Minneapolis-St. Paul uses the most updated equipment and we finish our heating and cooling projects on time, within budget, and done right.  Your complete satisfaction is our goal.  Not only do we offer first-rate service, but Homeplace Furnace has a streamlined process to keep prices fair. Get proactive and avoid a potential heating emergency down the road. Make a call to us today and let's work together to make your life easier.

We also offer commercial duct cleaning.
Homeplace Furnace Duct and Fireplace Cleaning, Inc.

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