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Commercial Air Conditioning in Minneapolis-St.Paul
​Quality service without compromise


Homeplace Furnace has an experienced team for your commercial air conditioning in St. Paul.  With energy-efficient systems, we can assist you in making sure you are getting the maximum capacity of your air conditioning unit.  If you need a repair or a commercial air conditioning system replacement, Homeplace Furnace will be ready to keep you cool and we'll offer you an honest price.  Plus, we always stand behind our work.

Let's make your commercial space comfortable. Contact Homeplace Furnace today and schedule your appointment.

Commercial HVAC Repair Services in St. Paul

As summer arrives in the Twin Cities region, a dependable HVAC system becomes crucial for every business owner. The rising temperatures demand a system that won't let you down. Homeplace Furnace is committed to ensuring your business remains cool during the hot and humid Minnesota summers, and we have the exact solutions to keep you covered for all your commercial HVAC repair needs in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Our HVAC services encompass a comprehensive inventory of premium products and skilled workmanship. Our repair professionals have all the required licensing and insurance and are master tradesmen in all the nuances of any brand or model of HVAC system. Our top priority is to ensure the comfort of your business, so we won’t sign off on a job until you're entirely satisfied with our work. Connect with us for unparalleled HVAC solutions.

Importance of Consistent HVAC Maintenance

Keeping an HVAC system in prime condition ensures its extended service life and continual peak performance. When the summer heat is upon us, HVAC units are in constant operation. Their persistent use will often result in wear and tear. This is when our seasoned professionals step in, providing thorough maintenance measures designed to ward off costly future issues. From changing air filters to checking thermostats and refilling coolant, our dedicated experts ensure your system runs seamlessly. Over the decades, Homeplace Furnace has established a reputation in the Twin Cities for outstanding service, affordable pricing, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Trust us with the task, and we’ll ensure your business has a cool and comfortable indoor environment all summer long.

Comprehensive Commercial HVAC Repair Services in St. Paul
Whether it’s depleted refrigerant levels, dirty evaporator coils, or duct cleanings, our St. Paul team is prepared to tackle every HVAC challenge. No matter the size of your commercial space, we ensure uniform comfort across all areas, particularly during the hottest periods. Whether you seek repairs, replacement, or routine maintenance that fits within your budget, Homeplace Furnace is your go-to choice in St. Paul for commercial HVAC repair and maintenance. We offer long-lasting, high-quality products without recommending unnecessary services. Apart from HVAC solutions, we're also skilled in complete heating and furnace services, chimney and fireplace cleaning, and vent and duct cleaning in St. Paul. Stay cool and confident, knowing that Homeplace Furnace is on hand to ensure your business remains cool and comfortable.

Homeplace Furnace in St. Paul offers commercial air conditioning tune ups:

  • Check air conditioner and thermostat

  • Remove debris from the unit outside

  • Check the belt and blades

  • Oil the motor and blower

  • Check the refrigerant level 

  • Check the temperature drop and draw

  • Check all connections

  • Make sure drain system is good

  • Clean air conditioner

  • Inspect the furnace filter

  • Inspect the furnace blower

  • Oil blower if necessary

Get in touch with us today to schedule your appointment!

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