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Homeplace Furnace has three professional cleaning procedures:

Each method uses our personally built truck-mounted vacuums with an 8-inch diameter vacuum hose for proper suction of debris from home. All methods ensure a clean, efficient service. Our equipment includes two-stage air compressors, polyvinyl brushes, and rotary spinning brushes, to give our customers any level of cleaning desired.

Option 1: Air Sweep Method

Our experienced technicians connect a powerful truck-mounted vacuum (equivalent to 68 shop-vacs) to your air system near the furnace, thus creating a larger vacuum out of your ventilation system.

Highly compressed air (250 pounds) is applied with a specialized air gun through each of the supply and return vents at the home, forcing debris and contaminants to the vacuum. The debris in the trunk lines of the ductwork is typically the heaviest. These trunk lines are air swept via a specialized pneumatic agitator/snake, which loosens the contaminants from the interior surfaces of the ducts and forces it into the vacuum. The vacuum carries the debris to a collection point mounted on the service vehicle. This procedure, known as Source Containment, ensures a clean removal from home.

The same vacuum and air pressure tools are used to clean the components of your heating and cooling system, increasing its overall efficiency. We clean the burners, heat exchangers, pilot, blower motor, fan blades, and A-Coil (if accessible). We also check the bearings, belts, and carbon monoxide levels.

Option 2: Manual Brush Method

This is a great service for the homeowner experiencing more dust than usual or a home that has not been serviced for an extended period of time. In addition to the Air Sweep Method, this procedure also encompasses the use manual brushing in the main trunk lines. These duct brushes are made of the polyvinyl material, which gives the ducting interior a good, stiff brushing, but is pliable enough to thoroughly clean the corners and damper areas. The brush is run back and forth, as if the ducting were a chimney lying on its side, providing superior debris removal.

Option 3: Elite Rotary Brush Method (Meets cities o

f St Paul and Minneapolis Inspector Code Requirements)

This method features the best of all three available options: rotary spinning brushes, manual brushing, and forward and reverses air sweeps. This procedure is ideal for homes that have not been serviced for a prolonged period of time or are experiencing high levels of dust. It is also the best for those who have allergy issues or simply desire the best cleaning possible.

For this service, we remove the registers and run a rotary brush from the register face all the way back to the main trunk line to remove debris, which few of our competitors offer. Our forward Air Sweep pushes that dirt back to the main trunk line to be removed by the vacuum unit. After cleaning from each register, we manually brush the main trunk lines with the Stationary brushes and follow up with a reverse Air Sweep.

The main trunk lines are typically 2-foot by 2-foot square or rectangular, so a round spinning brush will not clean the top walls, corners or most if the interior. Especially with the 6-inch diameter brushes many of our competitors use, leaving most of the dirt behind.

Homeplace Furnace will manually brush out the main trunk lines with an oversized 2-foot stiff nylon bristle brush. This brushing is similar to bru

shing a chimney. This is more labor-intensive, but is the proper way to do the service, and does a much better job at cleaning the ductwork.

A word of caution: Many companies offer a Rotary Brush procedure, but rarely are any two the same. Some are quality, and many are low priced "bait and switch" offers. We strive to educate our customers on how to make the choice that is best for them and we do not just try to sell the most expensive service.

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Tristan Rodes
Tristan Rodes
Apr 10

I recently moved into a new home and needed to have the furnace cleaned. I reached out to HVAC Contractor Weston company based on recommendations, and I'm so glad I did. Their technician arrived promptly, was respectful of my property, and did a fantastic job cleaning the furnace.

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